Sergio Fonseca Cup kicking off Touch season

On a beautifully warm day on 21st April, the legendary Sergio Fonseca tournament took place at our ACC touch home.


Crazy zoo animals, the Fintstones, toga wearing Team Dobi, a bunch of thrifters and a number of zombies came together to play some seriously fun touch.

Despite the often problematic tails, hats, udders etc it was a true try fest with our rookie and USI players definitely outshining the rest of us.


The well deserved Thrifters were crowned Sergio Fonseca champions (they probably sold the cup already by the look of them). Unfortunately, there was a bit of blood shed, but only when opposing teams scored against the zombies.


As is Touch Austria tradition, the bbq was fired up and we celebrated a great day well into the evening. This is what touch is about!

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