Where we play

We are always happy to welcome new players. Just come along to one of our weekly trainings!

Winter Training from November 2017

Winter training is on Wednesdays 19:30 at Sportplatz Brigittenau in the 20th district in Vienna.

We are currently having a Christmas break. We will be back in action on 10 January 2018.


Wednesday 19:30-21:00

Askö - Sportzentrum Brigttenau

Hopsagasse 5, 1200 Vienna

back field


Map below.

Detailed Google map of Sportzentrum Brigittenau - Hopsagasse below:

May - October

The last Monday Touch Session on 26 September 2017!


From May until October all trainings take place at Jugendsportanlage Herderpark (1110 Vienna). For more information have a look at our calendar.


Monday 18:15-20:00

Jugendsportanlage Herderpark


1110 Vienna


How to get there: U3 (Enkplatz), S1/ S2/ S7 (Geißelbergstrasse), 6er Linie (Polkorapplatz), 71er Linie (Enkplatz)


From U6 station Enkplatz it is a 6 minutes walk straight down "Gottschalkgasse" until you reach the park (Herderpark). The pitches are located at the south end of the park in a seperated sporting facility called "Jugendsportanlage".


More information here.


For more information have a look at our calendar.