Where we play

We are always happy to welcome new players. Just come along to one of our weekly trainings!

May - October

The last Monday Touch Session on 26 September 2017!


From May until October all trainings take place at Jugendsportanlage Herderpark (1110 Vienna). For more information have a look at our calendar.


Monday 18:15-20:00

Jugendsportanlage Herderpark


1110 Vienna


How to get there: U3 (Enkplatz), S1/ S2/ S7 (Geißelbergstrasse), 6er Linie (Polkorapplatz), 71er Linie (Enkplatz)


From U6 station Enkplatz it is a 6 minutes walk straight down "Gottschalkgasse" until you reach the park (Herderpark). The pitches are located at the south end of the park in a seperated sporting facility called "Jugendsportanlage".


More information here.


Winter Training from November 2017

Winter training is on Wednesdays 19:30 at Sportplatz Brigittenau in the 20th district in Vienna. 

The first training takes place on 8 November 2017.


Wednesday 19:30-21:00

Askö - Sportzentrum Brigttenau

Hopsagasse 5, 1200 Vienna

back field


Map below.

Detailed Google map of Sportzentrum Brigittenau - Hopsagasse below:

For more information have a look at our calendar.