Volunteers needed for Mainland Cup!!

Only 30 days left until the Mainland Cup 2013 starts!


Touch Austria is looking for non-playing volunteers to help out with different tasks at the tournament and is kindly asking it's members and affiliates aswell as their families, friends and significant others to help out in the time between 12th-14th July.

If you want to help, please contact: austriantouchassociation@live.com

Touch Austria is getting ready, the squads are elected and the last few training sessions have started. Also the organization of the event is reaching it’s final stage and we are now looking for volunteers to help out with local preparations and tasks in the time between Fri 12th – Sun 14th July.


We need about 10-15 persons for all kinds of different stuff including:

  • time keeping
  • presentations
  • DJ
  • attendants
  • setting up tents
  • making lines
  • waste disposal
  • selling merchandize
  • photographers
  • videos of finals
  • drivers for transport
  • updating website/FB
  • & more to come!

The more volunteers we have, the fewer the task one person has to take over, also the tasks could be shared with others which is probably much more entertaining for everyone.

Therefore we kindly ask all Austrian active or inactive Touch players and affiliates, Mainland Cup players or not, to help us out. Please ask your friends, family or significant others if they had time to help us out with any of these tasks.


Everyone who is interested in volunteering please contact Hans & Isi as soon as possible: austriantouchassociation@live.com


Thank you very much for your help!!!

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