Accomodation & Transport

Hotel accommodation is available in Schwechat. We recommend all teams and officials to find accommodation in Schwechat simply because it is closer to the playing fields and the venue for the evening function.


A shuttle bus service between the Schwechat accomodations and the playing fields will be provided. If you book your team in at a Schwechat accomodation that is different from our recommendations, please contact us so that we can arrange either a shuttle service or help you with public transport. Please note that we will not provide a shuttle bus service between Vienna city and Schwechat.


Accomodation Schwechat

A shuttle bus service between selected Schwechat hotels and the playing fields will run at selected times in the morning and in the evening. Teams should contact these recommended hotels directly. A number of rooms in these hotels have been penciled in for Mainland Cup 2013 teams, so please make a reference to the Mainland Cup when making your booking. The hotel bookings are on a first come, first serve basis, it is recommended that you book early in order to avoid having to stay farther away from the playing fields. We cannot guarantee any teams a place in these hotels.


If you need any support with your accomodation or transport please contact us.


Pension Tennisweber

Wallhotgasse 5
2320 Schwechat-Rannersdorf
Fon:+43 1 707 34 11
Fax: +43 1 707 34 11-20

Single €53,50
Double €42,50
Triple € 33,50
4-bed € 28,80

Distance to fields 200m
Capacity: max. 33 Pers.

City-Hotel Albrecht

Wiener Straße 25b
2320 Schwechat
+43 1 707 81 06
+43 01 707 81 06-20

Single € 56,6
Double € 41,6
Triple € 32,6

Distance to fields 2km

Hotel Arion

Mühlstrasse 30
2320 Schwechat
+43 1 706 5200

Single € 66,5
Double € 36,5
Triple € 30,5
4-bed € 27,5

Distance to fields 3km

Accomodation Vienna

Alternatively, there are a large number of accommodation options in Vienna City. However, accomodation in Vienna is much further away from the playing fields and the venue for the evening function, so consequently, careful planning of transport to/from the playing fields must be made by teams deciding to stay in Vienna.

Staying close to Wien Mitte/ Landstrasse train station is one recommendation, as the S7 train that stops at Kaiserebersdorf station (Schwechat) (the clostest station to the playing fields) leaves from Wien Mitte/Landstrasse. Wien Mitte/ Landstrasse is also the main train station where the Airport train terminates.