A walk through Schwechat

Schloß Thurnmühle

Schloß Thurnmühle
Schloß Thurnmühle

If you don’t have enough time to visit Vienna you can stroll around and relax in Schwechat. Schwechat is a satellite city south east of Vienna and it’s most famous for being close to the Vienna International Airport.

You can start your walk at Schloß Thurnmühle (Schlossmühlstrasse 1). It is a small baroque castle next to the river Schwechat. The first fortified construction at this location was built in 1162. Changing owners and being destroyed twice, the castle and mill were rebuilt into it’s nowadays form by Duke Karl Maximilian von Thurn und Valsassina in 1689. Since then the castle has served many different purposes, among others as a military casern, as a cotton factory and as a factory for metal goods.

Schwechat Brewery & Brauhaus beer garden

If you get thirsty you can visit the local beer brewery Schwechater Brauerei (Mautner-Markhofstrasse 11). The brewery is 350 years old and it’s beer is popular all over Austria. Each year the brewery produces about 800,000 hectolitres of beer. It has the capacity to fill 78,000 bottles of beer each hour. Guided tours are unfortunately only available in German, but you can visit the shop and head over to the Brauhaus beer garden for a Schwechater Bier and a traditional Austrian meal under the trees.

Shop "Bier & mehr"

Open mo-fri 09.30-12.00 and 12.30-16.30
Mautner Markhof Straße 11, 2320 Schwechat


Brauhaus, restaurant and beer garden

Mautner Markhofstr.13, 2320 Schwechat

43(1)706 86 06


Schloß Rothmühle

After this refreshment you can stroll along the river Schwechat north, in the direction of the Rudolf Tonn Stadion. Right before, you will find the pretty Schloss Rothmühle (Rothmühlstrasse 5), which is now a hotel and a popular wedding location. Since it’s construction in 1593 it has served many functions including a mill, a sheep woll factory and a leather manufactury. It was destroyed in WWII but rebuilt in the 1970s by the Schwechat community.

Wine restaurants "Heuriger"

As a last stop, we suggest you check out one of the traditional Austrian wine restaurantsHeuriger“. Some can be found at the Kellergasse in Schwechat.

Howorka Kellerschenke
Am Kellerberg 207
2320 Schwechat


Heuriger Landeplatzl

Familie Saringer
Kellerbergstraße Parzelle 207
2320 Schwechat
01 7074050

2320 Schwechat
01 7073455


Schwechat Map

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