History of Touch Austria

"The Beginning..."

After playing since 2005 fun touch games in Vienna Prater with expat mates, the New Zealander Dan Travers together with a group of friends founds the First Austrian Touch Club "Touch Rugby Vienna" in 2006 - a division of Rugby Club Stade Viennois. The intensive interaction in with Touch Deutschland and Rob McGregor helped the club to grow and develop. "Touch Rugby Vienna" participated on its first official international Tournament, the Bavarian Open in Munich in August 2007.

"A taste of international Touch"

April 2008 the first International tournament takes place in Austria. Eight teams or 120 players from 20 different nations are participating. Having tasted international competition air, the development of Touch in Austria rapidly progressed. In July 2008 players from Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic participate as guest team "Central European Barbarians" at the European Touch Championships (Euros) 2008 in Massy/Paris. And Hans-Peter Höllwerth, who joined the Euros as referee, is receives Austria’s first official F.I.T. Level 1 referee upgrade.

"Touch Austria grows up"

Beginning of 2009 ACC Touch, a division of the Austrian Cricket Club is founded by Brett Barclay. The emergence of this second Touch Club is followed by the first Austrian Touch Liga (ATL) in June 2009. In the same year Austria sends the first National teams to the Mainland Cup 2009 in Heidelberg, Germany. A third Touch Club "Touch Vorarlberg" is built up shortly after, paving the way for the foundation of the National Touch Association - Touch Austria. In September 2009 Touch Austria is founded as "Österreichischer Touch Verband - Touch Austria" and is granted Associate Member status of the Federation of International Touch (F.I.T).


International History of Touch

Touch started in Australia in the early 1960s as a social or "park" game and as a training and warm-up technique for rugby league. The first official Touch Tournament was held in Sydney in 1968. New Zealand started to play the game in the early 1070s. From there the game has also expanded rapidly in recent years, especially in the South Pacific and United Kingdom. The Federation of International Touch -F.I.T., founded in 1985- organised the first World Cup in 1991 and includes now over 30 member countries.

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