Touch Austria Association

What is Touch Austria?

“Österreichischer Touch Verband - Touch Austria” (short: Touch Austria) is the national association of Touch in Austria. It was founded in 2009 as national Touch body and received Associate Member status of the Federation of International Touch (F.I.T) in September 2009. It is further active member of the European Federation of Touch (EFT). Touch Austria is managed by it's Executive Board and it aims to promote and spread the sport of Touch in Austria. It represents member clubs and regional Touch associations towards foreign Touch federations and organizations. It is the sole representative of the sport of Touch in Austria to the Federation of International Touch (F.I.T).

Objective and Tasks

Touch Austria oversees four Touch Clubs, organises the Austrian Touch League (ATL) and competitions and issues regulations as entitled by its constitutions. It further supports the development of referees, the development of coaches and youth. The association selects and supports Austrian National Representative Touch Teams that compete in European and World Championships. Touch Austria is guided by its Constitution where all objectives and tasks are stated. Membership of Touch Austria can be awarded to clubs or divisions of Clubs.

National Squads and Successes

At regular intervals, national representative squads are selected and travel to top tier international championships. 2010 Austrian National Mixed Team has upset wins over larger Touch countries and ends up ranked 5th out of 13 countries in the Mixed Division at the European Championships in Bristol, England. In 2011, both a women’s open team and a men’s open team compete at the Touch World Cup in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2012, both teams participate very successfully at the European Championships in Treviso, Italy. The women’s open team reached 4th place ending the tournament as the best positioned continental European team.

Mainland Cup 2013


In 2013 Touch Austria hosted the F.I.T. Mainland Cup 2013 Tournament in Vienna/Schwechat with more than 300 players from 20 nations, proving that also small Touch nations are capable of hosting top tier tournaments and strengthening Austria’s position as regular competitor at international Touch events.